Old Fashioned Summer

It’s summer! And life is a bowl of cherries. The days are longer, but seemingly less stressful. And memories of last winter *shudder* melt away with each 80 degree forecast. Vacation is a mindset that goes well beyond days off, and I find myself absorbed in an amazing book.

Beacholdfashioned3_ watercolormelon.com

I tell my husband that this is my favorite time of year, from now through December, leaving only January through April out of my exclusive group of popular months. They are just too depressing, and there is certainly an air of happiness (with the help of holidays and long weekends) that floats from mid-May all the way through December.


Having longer, brighter days really creates the perfect environment for happy. And happy hour. What better way to transition out of the hot sun and into the cool of the evening than with a cocktail or a glass of wine. A summer vacation habit that has since followed us home to the city.

For anyone that knows me, they know that a generous glass of rosé would be my drink of choice. My husband, however, has perfected the art of the Old Fashioned cocktail. An Old Fashioned may not seem like a typical summer drink, and that’s because it isn’t. Most people choose to guzzle an iced cold Corona, or lick the salted rim of a margarita (YUM!), and I have seen him drink both of these options. But this, this is his drink. In fact it’s the only “recipe” I have ever seen him get excited about. Research was conducted by sampling from the savviest of mixologists, and experimenting with a range of combinations, until finally he had that ah-ha moment.

His secret ingredient (which I have been allowed to divulge): the cherries.

Not just any old cherry will do. They have to be Luxardo cherries. Yes, this habit is becoming more and more expensive. But I have to admit, they really do make the drink.

The New Old Fashioned

1 thick orange slice
1 tsp turbinado sugar
2-3 Luxardo cherries, plus syrup
4 ounces of whiskey (we use Canadian Club)
2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
Dash of club soda

oldfashioned4_ watercolormelon.com

Place the orange slice into a rocks glass and cover it with the turbinado sugar.

oldfashioned5_ watercolormelon.com

Add in the Luxardo cherries. (2 for a more balanced cocktail, 3 with more syrup if you have a sweet tooth.) Muddle the ingredients together in the glass with the back of spoon or a bar pestle.

oldfashioned6_ watercolormelon.com

Add in the ice. Using one over sized cube keeps the drink from watering down, however crushed ice is also fantastic. Dash in the bitters, and pour in the whiskey followed by the club soda.

DSC_0350Give it a good stir and a serious sip. Life is good. Cheers!

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